While diamonds are the traditionally popular choice for engagement rings in Perth, there are plenty of other stunning gemstone options available to accurately reflect the depth of your love.

There is a world of coloured gemstones waiting for a bespoke design to transform them into a timeless engagement ring, one as enduring as your love for each other. But choosing the perfect ring can be challenging. We’ve tried to make the process a little easier for you.

Follow these 8 steps to selecting the perfect gemstone for your engagement ring.

1. Budget

The most important part of setting a budget is being realistic. While you may dream of a 3-carat diamond on your finger, spend what is comfortable for you and your partner. A non-diamond ring can offer some leeway with this. The majority of your engagement ring budget will go towards the type of gemstone, carat weight, ring style, and setting.

2. Gemstone

A diamond solitaire catches the eye and has timeless elegance. A statement sapphire nestled in sparkling diamonds harks towards classic royalty. Rubies glow intensely with mystery, and brilliant green emeralds ooze sophistication.

Choosing the right gemstone can be tricky, but here at Allgem, we’re are happy to help guide you through the process. We offer a range of precious and semi-precious loose gemstones to create an item of bespoke jewellery for you.

3. Cut

When choosing the cut of your precious stone, try to choose one that reflects your personality. From classic Round and Brilliant cuts to fancy Princess, Cushion, Emerald, Oval, and Pear cuts, let your heart do the choosing and go with the shape that calls to you.

4. Look

From modern contemporary looks to classic 6 prong settings and vintage designs, we can help create the perfect ring for you.

5. Metal

Are you a white gold lover? Or does rose gold fill you with romantic feelings? Go with the metal that fills you with joy, and remember, you will be wearing it for years to come, so go with your heart.

6. Carat

The stone’s size largely depends on your budget, but a loose gemstone is likely to allow you to get a larger gem over a diamond. Again, this comes down to budget and stone preference.

7. Timing

Now you have a clear idea of your ideal ring, look around to find a reputable jeweller. Look for one who will listen to your ideas and help you create your perfect engagement ring.

8. Order

Before you order your ring, be sure to ask your jeweller about their gemstone certification and what their return and warranty policies are.

Why choose Allgem for your gemstone jewellery in Perth?

We use custom design techniques, personalised inscriptions, unique blends of materials, creative shaping, and an incredible range of loose gemstones to create exceptional ring to be cherished forever.

Celebrate your commitment to each other with the ring of your dreams at Allgem Jewellers.

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When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring, you’ll have a few options when it comes to diamond, cut, style, colour and specific design. But as common gems are a dime a dozen nowadays, selecting a truly unique engagement ring may be the perfect way to win your soon-to-be fiancee’s heart.

But as with the typical engagement ring selection process, picking the perfect unique engagement ring for you is no easy feat. So, we’re here to break down the process and making finding your ideal unique engagement ring as easy as possible. Read on to learn more about unique engagement ring features, the potential for ring customisation, and options when it comes to choosing a unique, bespoke design for your dream engagement ring.

What makes an engagement ring unique?

If you’re interested in purchasing a unique engagement ring, there are a few different types of unique to choose from. Two of the most common avenues to explore are slight variations on classic designs, or completely original designs.

Opting for a variation is a fantastic option for those who admire timeless, vintage pieces, whereas sourcing a completely original design is perfect for those who are truly one-of-a-kind and want to own a piece of jewellery that nobody else in the world does.

Why should I choose a unique engagement ring?

Once you’ve decided whether you’d rather a variation or completely original design, a good place to start is by choosing your gemstone. Diamonds are incredibly popular within engagement ring designs, and can come in a wide range of colours to help differentiate your ring from others on the market. Otherwise, gemstones like sapphires, emeralds or rubies also make for beautiful, unique engagement ring settings.

Once you’ve picked a gemstone to feature, move to other aspects of the ring including metal (and if necessary, combining different types of metals), shape and other colours. Experimenting with these different options could allow for twisted bands, mixing gemstones, intricate feature details or even imperfections that indicate the ring has been individually handcrafted.

How do I pick a unique design for an engagement ring?

A good first step in choosing your perfect unique engagement ring is doing your research. Scour online or hard copy catalogues, talk to friends with unique ring designs, and experiment with online tools that allow you to customise and tweak jewellery until you decide upon your dream design.

If you require a little more assistance, consider consulting a professional jeweller for their opinion, advice and insights. They’ll be able to show you physical examples of unique engagement rings, options for gemstone settings and intricate designs, and can even sketch you their own unique design based on your desired ring features.

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Has the proposal taken place, and you’re ready to pick your dream wedding bands ahead of your ceremony? Often considered the second most important ring you’ll ever own, male and female wedding bands are fortunately very customisable, sleek and available in a wide range of designs to suit any budget, taste or selection of desired features.

When it comes to choosing your wedding jewellery, it’s important to take the time to hunt for you (and your spouse’s) dream wedding band. To help make this process a little easier, we’ve compiled a few key things future brides and grooms should keep in mind before purchasing their ideal wedding bands. Spanning from design styles and maintenance to matching bands and different metals, here’s our comprehensive guide to choosing the perfect jewellery for your upcoming wedding.

Things to consider with her wedding band

The first thing to think about is your future wife’s engagement ring. A popular choice amongst brides is to choose a wedding band that compliments their engagement ring. This could mean it sits cleanly alongside it, uses a similar design or setting, or fits within (or clicks together) so you have two twin rings together. As wedding bands are typically more simple, many future brides also opt for bands that are less glitzy than engagement rings, as not to dim the sparkle or effect of the engagement ring.

Popular traditional female wedding band styles include criss-cross bands, single prong, eternity-style bands, or petite bands with dainty gemstone cuts. Much like other rings, the most important thing to remember is that the more intricate your wedding band, the more attention, time and detail you’ll need to devote to cleaning and maintaining it. If you’d rather spare yourself the upkeep, opt for something sleek in design and simple in metal, such as gold or silver, that can be easily cleaned and kept sparkling.

Things to consider with his wedding band

The most important thing for a man to consider with his wedding band is the design and overall appearance. For many men, this is the only ring they’ll wear every day, so it will need to be a ring that is styled with longevity and durability in mind. Matching his and hers wedding bands are popular for this reason, as both halves of the couple wearing the same band invokes a sense of connection and further solidarity between them and their matrimony.

If you instead opt for separate wedding band designs, popular male wedding band styles include bevelled bands, low domes, flat bands or other similarly sleek designs. For something a little different, opt for a different coloured metal such as rose gold or titanium.

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When it comes to choosing a beautiful piece of jewellery, it’s no secret that diamonds take the cake as some of the most popular gemstone settings on the market. Characterised by carat, colour, clarity and cut, diamonds are often popular in engagement rings, wedding bands or other timeless, classic pieces.

Want to know more about these stunning, naturally-formed stones? We’ve put together a comprehensive guide about diamond pricing, rarity and potential damage to help inform your next diamond jewellery purchase, and make sure you know everything you’ll need to before committing to a piece. Now all that’s left to do is pick your perfect diamond jewellery piece!

Why are diamonds so expensive?

If you’re hoping to purchase a diamond, this pricey stone’s hefty price tag may be the first thing you’ll need to consider. There are several factors that directly affect the price of diamonds. These include extreme rarity, durability, and difficulties that arise when mining for diamonds.

Rarity is a key factor when it comes to high-quality diamonds, as only 30% of diamonds mined worldwide are considered ‘gem quality’. When it comes to durability, the diamond is one of the hardest minerals in the world, meaning they will last a lot longer than counterpart delicate gemstones. And thirdly, as diamonds naturally form in high pressure, hot environments in the Earth’s core, mining for diamonds involves difficult, expensive and labour-intensive machinery and processes.

Are diamonds rare in nature?

Though diamonds aren’t typically classed as ‘rare’, mining for them is an incredibly expensive and difficult process. Following this difficult mining process, some retrieved diamonds are officially classified as ‘rare’. This grouping includes colours that can occasionally occur naturally in diamonds, including orange, green, pink, blue and red. White diamonds are also considered extremely rare.

Similar to coloured diamonds, diamonds that are large in size are also incredibly rare. If a diamond weights over one carat, it’s one in a million.

Can a diamond fall out of a ring?

Unfortunately, over time, diamonds become more and more likely to fall out of a ring. Though this depends on your ring’s construction, shape and setting, smaller diamonds are the most common sizes of diamonds to fall out without an owner noticing.

To reduce your risk of lost diamonds, keep an eye out for any wear and tear on your ring at least once a week. Look for clear signs of chipping or deterioration – if your stone budges even a tiny bit, it’s advised you take it into a jeweller for a check-up (and to ensure it doesn’t have the potential to budge any further, or worse, fall out). This potential diamond loss cements the importance of taking out an insurance policy. This is a low-cost way to ensure your valuable ring is safe and protected.

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Choosing an engagement ring is often the toughest element of the proposal and wedding process. Luckily for future brides, however, there is no shortage of jewellery design and style trends on the market (or in the store) for your ideal engagement ring purchase. Therefore, it’s time to ramp up the process and read our roundup of engagement ring trends to suit any and every bride.

Take a peek below at what trends Australian jewellers and brands will be championing this year.


Women’s Engagement Rings

Stacked up

Adding depth to a set of rings allows the future bride to create a unique look by experimenting with different ring styles, stones and shapes. This is a highly customisable option, and can tie in nicely with the bride’s future wedding band – which can be designed, in turn, to complement or ‘stack’ neatly the engagement ring.



If you’re opting for a ring that is a little less simple, embellished rings can feature intricate markings or studded gems and can make for stunningly complex pieces. These rings can also feature combinations of diamonds and gemstones that evoke a unique brilliance and make for an eye-catching piece of jewellery.


Rose Gold

The rose gold trend is certainly not restricted to the jewellery scene. Offering plain gold pieces an updated, rosy finish, many brides are now electing to choose a rose gold colour for either their engagement ring or their wedding band so that each piece can complement the tone of the other.


Barely there

The minimalistic rounded style of engagement ring is making a splash in the jewellery industry currently, particularly thanks to Meghan Markle’s slew of tiny thin gold bands. These ‘barely-there’ wire rings are ideal for a more casual bride, as they offer the simplicity and timelessness of a delicate, dainty piece.


Men’s Engagement Rings

Mixed Metal

Incorporating a variety of metals including yellow gold, platinum, rose gold or brushed steel into your ring design can make for a very stylish and versatile men’s jewellery piece.



Neutral materials are proving to be quite a trend for men’s engagement rings this year, with mixes of woods and metals providing an extremely unique style that is perfect for a man
who loves nature and the outdoors.


Custom Design

Utilising custom design techniques such as a personalised inscription, unique blend of materials (as mentioned above), creative shaping and more can create an extra sentimental, customised ring for the special man in your life to cherish forever.

Whatever design you and your partner decide on, celebrate your marriage together with the ring of your dreams at Allgem Jewellers. Contact our professional master jewellers today to see how we can best assist you.