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Crafting Your Unique Jewellery Vision: Explore Personalised Designs with Allgem


Whether you’re seeking the ideal engagement ring or a customised piece that reflects your personality, Allgem is here to assist you every step of the way.

Our experienced team is dedicated to offering tailored advice to bring your vision to life. From discussing design ideas to ensuring the final piece is both sturdy and secure, we collaborate closely with you to create a masterpiece that resonates with your individuality.

At Allgem, we provide the flexibility to source your desired feature stone or work with one you provide, subject to our inspection standards. With options ranging from digital designing through CAD to hand-forming and alterations of existing pieces, we offer a comprehensive approach to realising your dream jewellery.

Ready to embark on your personalised jewellery journey? Enquire today at or visit our showroom to begin the process of transforming your ideas into tangible, timeless treasures.


Turning your custom design into reality

As specialists in a range of diamond, coloured gemstone, and opal jewellery, we embrace originality. Our custom designing bridges the gap between your imagination and reality. Whether it’s crafting the perfect engagement ring to last a lifetime or a piece to encapsulate a treasured memory, we are happy to help!

The popularity for custom makes has skyrocketed over recent years becoming the norm for engagement rings worldwide. It is the best approach ensuring the desired custom made piece is perfect for each individual.

Having 3 generations of jewellery designing and manufacturing experience behind the team at Allgem, we stand ready to offer our recommendations for turning your concept into a structural & elegant finished custom engagement ring or unique jewellery piece.

Working from reference sketches, photos, or a description, we can arrange a quote on your unique custom designed jewelley!

The best way to get started is by viewing existing designs in-store or online and researching online for key-word design styles to take inspiration from. Feel free to contact us at for a team member to assist with your enquiry.

We look forward to working with you!

Modernising Old Jewellery for Timeless Elegance

Remodeling, Remaking & Alterations

In the realm of jewellery, pieces often hold more than just monetary value; they carry stories, memories, and sentiments that span generations. Yet, as styles evolve and trends shift, these cherished treasures might find themselves tucked away, forgotten in jewelry boxes. However, there’s a beautiful solution: modernising or remaking old jewellery.


Preserving Sentiment, Embracing Evolution

Old jewellery, whether inherited or acquired during important times, is dear to us, carrying memories and emotions. Over time, though, its style may not match modern tastes.

Updating old jewellery honours tradition while embracing change. It lets us keep the sentimental value while updating its look to fit today’s preferences. Whether giving a classic design a modern touch or completely transforming it, this process revives cherished heirlooms.


From Dusty Relics to Timeless Treasures

The journey of modernising old jewelry begins with a vision. It’s a collaborative process between the wearer and the jeweller, where creativity meets craftsmanship. Old stones can be reset into sleek, modern settings, breathing fresh vitality into their sparkle. Outdated designs can be reimagined, blending vintage charm with contemporary elegance.

Remaking old jewellery not only revitalises its appearance but also allows for customisation. It offers the opportunity to tailor the piece to reflect the wearer’s personality and style preferences. Whether it’s adding intricate details, adjusting the size and shape, or incorporating additional gemstones, each transformation is a unique expression of individuality.


Sustainability and Ethical Considerations

Beyond sentimental value and aesthetic appeal, modernising old jewellery aligns with principles of sustainability and ethical consumption. By repurposing existing materials, it reduces the need for new mining and manufacturing processes, minimising environmental impact. It also promotes conscious consumption by extending the lifespan of precious resources.