The History of

Allgem Jewellers

Joseph and His Early Years in Africa

The Gryg Family and Their Welcome Certificate

The Esperance Bay Docking in Fremantle Harbour

The Esperance Bay (The Ship They Caught from England to WA)

The Gryg family was originally from Poland. During the second world war they were one of the many families forced to abandon their homes and flee the country to start over elsewhere. Joseph’s family ending up migrating to a Polish refugee camp in Uganda, East Africa.

He grew up learning to speak Polish, Swahili, Afrikaans and English. Growing up with multiple languages helped inspire him to learn even more as an adult. He ended up learning to speak 8 different languages over his lifetime!

When he was 10-years-old, he and his family moved to England. After a year, they chose to move and settle in Western Australia. When only teenagers, Joseph met Bessie at her families café. In 1963 they got married and Alfie was born the following year. 

Joseph and Alfie Mining Sapphire '60s to 70's

Bessie, Joseph and Alfie Travelling around Australia '60s to 70's

Joseph Mining Opal & Alfie and Bessie Minding the Puddling Machine '60s to 70's

More Sapphire Mining '60s to 70's

Prior to our opening, throughout the late 1960’s, Joseph, Bessie and Alfie used to travel around Australia mining for gemstones and opals. They visited sites such as Anakie, Sapphire, Emerald, and Rubyvale in search of Australian Sapphire. They also visited Lightning Ridge, Coober Pedy and Andamooka in search of Australian Opal. Joseph learnt how to cut the stones they found but was never able to find jewellers willing to set them… especially the opals! So, he decided to become a jeweller & gemmologist himself. He started a wholesale business manufacturing, repairing jewellery and cutting stones for retail jewellers. His friends and family loved his work so much, the decision of opening of our own store was set into action!

Our Store First Opened in the '70s

Allgem Jewellers in the '70s

Bessie in the '70s to '80s

Joseph and Alfie in the '70s to '80s

Onsite Workshop & Showroom in the '70s

We first opened our doors in July 1978 on William Street in Perth’s CBD.

Joseph had already completed both his TAFE certificate in jewellery manufacturing & his fellowship in the Gemmological Association of Australia (FGAA) which allowed Bessie to begin her gemmology education journey. She ended up graduating top of her class and furthered her education with the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (FGA) and pearl & bead threading.

14-year-old Alfie would help out at the store outside of school hours. After completing a jewellery manufacturing apprenticeship run by his dad, he furthered his studies which lead to him receiving his gemmology fellowship in 2005 and becoming a registered jewellery valuer in 2007.

Our onsite workshop was located out the back of the showroom and consisted of one jewellers bench.

Our Move to London Court

Shop# 12 inside London Court Arcade

Alfie from the '80s to '90s

Allgem Jewellers '80s to '90s

In 1987, we opened at shop No.12 within the London Court Arcade.

During this time, we operated at both William Street and London Court locations, catering for both local and international clientele.

In 1993, we opened our 653 Hay Street Mall Perth showroom. By June 1997, we had merged all three stores into the one which we still operate in today, three decades later. Joseph and Alfie were our on-site jewellers. When Alfie’s children became old enough, they’d help out at the store after school and during school holidays. Once Alfie’s sons graduated high school, they began their jewellery manufacturing apprenticeship run by both their Grandad and Dad. The shop became a second home to the multi-generational Gryg family.

653 Hay Street Mall... Our Location for 30 Years!

Bessie Working in our Showroom

Joseph & Alfie in the Office

The Ever so Familiar Lunchtime Rush

The Start of the 3rd Generation

Allgem Jewellers in the '90s to 00's

Our current location allows us to have our jewellery showroom on Hay Street ground level and our workshop directly below it on the basement level. With this set-up we are able to fit multiple jewellers benches and a laboratory to take on a larger workload of custom makes, repairs, restorations, valuations and gem identifications.

In 2016 Joseph & Bessie received an award for their long service to the Gemmological Association of Australia’s community. Both Joseph and Alfie spent time being the president of the Gemmological Association of Western Australia. Alfie also spent time teaching courses to the GAA students and occasionally Earth science and jewellery guest lectures at his children’s school.

The 3rd generation started full-time in 2015 and has now become part of the Allgem Jewellers legacy. Alfie and his two sons, Brendan and Jason, are the stores on-site jewellers and designers. His daughter, Sarah, manages the jewellery showroom and social media.

Joseph & Bessie retired late 2017. Unfortunately, Joseph passed away in February 2018, after having achieved becoming one of the oldest and longest lasting bench jeweller’s in Australia. He passed down his jewellery and stone cutting knowledge to his son and grandsons during their apprenticeship training which will be traditionally passed down each generation still to come.

In 2018 & 2019, Alfie was the valuer used for the WA opal hunter team featured in seasons 1 & 2 of Outback Opal Hunters.

Over the years, we have sold jewellery and custom-made jewellery for many well-known clients and businesses. These range from celebrities visiting Perth for Supernova and Comic-con, performing in concerts, and playing in AFL Perth home games.

How Far We've Come!

Joseph Training his Youngest Grandson in Opal Cutting

Alfie's Appearance in Outback Opal Hunters Season 2

The 3rd Generation

Joseph in the Workshop

Brendan at his Bench & Alfie Teaching his Granddaughter

Sarah and Supernova Celebrity Customers

Jason on our '20s Showroom

Alfie's Daughter, Sarah, and Her Daughter

With over 45 years in the jewellery industry, we are confident we’ll be operating for future generations still to come.

Brendan’s wife, Rebecca, has joined our team and you may occasionally spot Sarah’s daughter, Winry, on our social media or in store. We really are the definition of Original WA Family Owned Business.


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