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We are not registered as a second-hand dealer.

Western Australian Jewellery Manufacturers

Alllgem Jewellers offers jewellery manufacturing from their modern workshop located below their retail outlet in the Hay Street Mall, Perth.

Allgem’s Master Jewellers operate state-of-the-art machinery with design, calibration, creation, setting and finishing all carried out on-site in their secure studio.

Manufacturing jewellers, Allgem works with a range of precious gems, Australian opals, Australian and Tahitian Pearls and metals such as gold, silver and platinum.

Allgem’s manufacturing Jewellers will help you select the best precious gems and metals for your diamond engagement and wedding rings or other fashionable jewellery items.

Crafting Your Unique Jewellery Vision: Explore Personalised Designs with Allgem


Whether you’re seeking the ideal engagement ring or a customised piece that reflects your personality, Allgem is here to assist you every step of the way.

Our experienced team is dedicated to offering tailored advice to bring your vision to life. From discussing design ideas to ensuring the final piece is both sturdy and secure, we collaborate closely with you to create a masterpiece that resonates with your individuality.

At Allgem, we provide the flexibility to source your desired feature stone or work with one you provide, subject to our inspection standards. With options ranging from digital designing through CAD to hand-forming and alterations of existing pieces, we offer a comprehensive approach to realising your dream jewellery.

Ready to embark on your personalised jewellery journey? Enquire today at sales@allgem.com.au or visit our showroom to begin the process of transforming your ideas into tangible, timeless treasures.

View our custom design portfolio here.




Trust Your Repairs to Allgem

Finding somewhere you trust to clean and repair your precious gems and jewellery can be a difficult task. Most stores send their repairs to an outside ‘trade jeweller’ for work to be completed.

That means if you want gold jewellery repairs and you live in Perth, your valuables may be sent to the eastern states and pass through several hands.

At Allgem, all jewellery repairs are carried out in a workshop located beneath the retail store, ensuring your valuables do not leave the premises and are kept secure always.

Allgem’s Jewellers have more than 45 years’ experience in the trade and will repair most types of jewellery, from modern to antique. Most jewellery repairs take between 2 and 14 days, depending upon the complexity of the job and time of year. You will be given a quote and estimated finishing time before any work has begun.

All jewellery repairs carried out at Allgem are fully guaranteed and of the highest quality. Allgem has built a reputation for quality workmanship and receives many referrals from happy customers to their friends or family.


Range of Repair Services

Allgem Jewellers offers a range of services involving jewellery repairs including:


Laser welding - a fusion welding process in which two metal pieces are joined together by the use of laser.


Restoration - the renewing of an article to its original form


Ring resizing for men’s and women’s gold or platinum rings


Re-tipping and claw repairs


Shank replacement on rings


Chain/Bracelet repairs and soldering


Fitting new clasps


Safety chains


Soldering charms


Stone replacements and setting


Cleaning precious gems, Australian opals and other jewellery items


Rhodium plating - some contemporary items, especially those made of white gold, are electro-plated in rhodium to enhance shine and durability. The plating wears over time, but a quick trip to Allgem is all it takes to bring your jewellery back to its shiny best

Take your gold jewellery and other valuables to Allgem’s expert team in Perth for a quote on repairs and get many more years from your precious gems and valuable pieces.

Contact us today for more information or to book an appointment.


Ways to Combat Jewellery Wear and Tear

Quality jewellery should be checked, cleaned and maintained on a regular basis to retain its appeal.

The team of master jewellers at Allgem can restore your precious gems, coloured stones and jewellery to its original condition and guarantees the quality of all work carried out.

Jewellery repairs and restoration are usually required as a result of wear and tear.

Coloured stones may become chipped, clasps may break and surfaces will get scratched. Metals such as silver, and gold can tarnish and most jewellery becomes dirty over time with general wear.

Claws especially, can wear down over time and this may cause your beloved stones to loosen and perhaps be lost. Specialised jewellery repairs for building up individual claws, re-tipping or even the replacement of the entire claw may be necessary for stability and safety of the stone.

Reinforcing Rings

Engagement rings are generally worn against a wedding or eternity ring. Over time, the engagement and other rings will rub against one another and eventually wear away the metal leaving them very fine, especially at the base.

The same thing can happen to the terminations of chains/bracelets, or any other jewellery pieces where movement against itself or other pieces is unavoidable. (E.g. pendants sliding around on a chain).

The jewellers at Allgem can reinforce the bands on engagement and wedding rings, gold rings and other decorative rings to provide the necessary strength, especially when supporting precious gemstones. It is important that jewellery pieces containing precious gems and other stones including Australian opals, pearls and diamonds are repaired correctly as an inappropriate restoration may weaken the jewellery setting or damage the stone.

The jewellers at Allgem can also build up worn away sections on gold and silver clasps, jump rings, pendants, and chains or bracelets.


Reinforcing Rings

Allgem restoration services include:


Jewellery Repairs to gold, silver and other metals


Replacement of precious gems including the diamond in engagement and wedding rings


Rhodium plating of women’s and men’s gold rings


Refurbish and refinish


Re-tipping prongs


Resizing diamond engagement and wedding rings


Shank replacement


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Contact us today to get a quote for the restoration of your precious jewellery. We’ll make it look new again.

Allgem does not charge valuations by a percentage of article. As an example, a 1-carat genuine diamond solitaire ring will be charged at a starting fee of $300 to value without original documents. Simple coloured stone jewellery with all tests from a minimum of $220. Multi set jewellery pieces are more time consuming, therefore more expensive to value. For exact quotes, the registered valuer would have to have a look at the items in person. Some items might be very old, worn and embedded with dirt. It this case the jewellery has to be cleaned in order for the jeweller to even determine the type of gemstone he is looking at.

Gem Identification Fee (No Valuation) starting $85 for single coloured/colourless stone. 

You can drop items in anytime 6 days a week (We recommend calling beforehand, to make sure the valuer is working that day). 

Currently we take Valuations on for a 4-6 week duration. 

Easier types of Valuations can be done quicker.

The cost of a valuation depends on the time required to:

  1. Itemise the components of a jewellery piece
  2. Measure all the parameters including: 

            (a)    Total weight of metal(s) used in the jewellery piece

            (b)    Precious metal determination by acid sampling and electronic calculation

            (b)    Manufacturing method(s) used to create the Jewellery piece

            (c)    Determination of the time required to manufacture the Jewellery piece

           (d)    Weight of stone(s) by length, width, height, girdle thickness and specific gravity                       

            (e)    Establishing the type of stone(s) 

            (f)    Identifying the origin of stone(s) – Natural or Synthetic

            (g)    The Grade of stone(s) – Colour, Toning, clarity, Proportions, Polish

            (h)    Determination of the treatments of stone(s) if any

  1. The number of gemmological laboratory tests on each stone needed to ascertain the above items which include:

            (i)        Hand Lens Observations at 10X magnification

            (ii)       Microscopic examination – lightfield, darkfield, polarised and fibre optic illumination

            (iii)      Polariscope Examination 

            (iv)      Dichroscope Examination 

            (v)       Chelsea, Ruby and Jadeite Filter Examination

            (vi)      Spectroscope Examination 

            (vii)     Gem Spectrometer measurement

            (viii)     Refractometer Index manual measurement

            (ix)    Gem Spectrometer Index measurement

            (x)      Specific Gravity measurement where possible

            (xi)       Fluorescence assessment with SW and LW Ultraviolet light

            (xii)      Diamond Conductivity Probe


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Contact us today to get a quote for the restoration of your precious jewellery. We’ll make it look new again.