Jewellery Valuation

We cannot purchase second-hand or direct from the public.

We are not registered as a second-hand dealer.

Jewellery Valuation

Our Registered Valuer

Alfie Gryg – National Council of Jewellery Valuers – NCJV WA075


A full written report with photographs & appraisal on the article of jewellery.

Allgem does not appraise un-cut stones, stones sealed in packaging, jade jewellery, and watches.

We do not charge by percentage of the items value.

Our fee depends on the complexity of the article. More intricate/decrotive designs, precious or semi precious stones, and/or multiple items will take longer to value.

Articles with original documents (certificates/valuations) may reduce the cost of valuing.

Our Registered Valuer is required to:

  • Measure parameters of article.
  • Estimate the weights of stones by measurement.
  • Identify if Natural origin and provenance if conclusive features are noted.
  • Identify if synthetic origin and type of manufacture.
  • Assess the Colour by international standards.
  • Categorize the Clarity.
  • Establish the Quality of Cutting.
  • Distinguish Treatments (if any).
  • Discern any Enhancements.
  • Qualify the value of the gems.
  • Find the method of manufacturing of the item and craftsman hours to create the jewellery.
  • Report on the market that the jewellery would be replaced.

All jewellery will need to be cleaned prior to valuing at no extra charge. Items will be valued in respect to their current condition.

*Updated 12/05/2023

We are currently taking valuations on for 4-6 weeks.

*Please inform us about Family Court/Divorce and/or Estate Valuations restricted by a deadline. *

Gem Identification

A report to determine the type of gemstone. Does not include grading/valuing.

Allgem does gem identifications on loose stones, and stones set into jewellery. This includes cut & polished stones, beads, and faceted stones of crystal appearance.

Gem Identification Reports start at $85 for an individual stone.

Please enquire for an approximate timeframe.


Cost of Jewellery Valuation 

This depends on the time required to:

  1. Itemise the components of a jewellery piece
  2. Measure all the parameters including: 

            (a)    Total weight of metal(s) used in the jewellery piece

            (b)    Precious metal determination by acid sampling and electronic calculation

            (b)    Manufacturing method(s) used to create the Jewellery piece

            (c)    Determination of the time required to manufacture the Jewellery piece

           (d)    Weight of stone(s) by length, width, height, girdle thickness and specific gravity                       

            (e)    Establishing the type of stone(s) 

            (f)    Identifying the origin of stone(s) – Natural or Synthetic

            (g)    The Grade of stone(s) – Colour, Toning, clarity, Proportions, Polish

            (h)    Determination of the treatments of stone(s) if any

  1. The number of gemmological laboratory tests on each stone needed to ascertain the above items which include:

            (i)     Hand Lens Observations at 10X magnification

            (ii)    Microscopic examination – lightfield, darkfield, polarised and fibre optic illumination

            (iii)   Polariscope Examination 

            (iv)   Dichroscope Examination 

            (v)    Chelsea, Ruby and Jadeite Filter Examination

            (vi)   Spectroscope Examination 

            (vii)  Gem Spectrometer measurement

            (viii)  Refractometer Index manual measurement

            (ix)   Gem Spectrometer Index measurement

            (x)    Specific Gravity measurement where possible

            (xi)   Fluorescence assessment with SW and LW Ultraviolet light

            (xii)  Diamond Conductivity Probe


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