Jewellery Valuation

Jewellery Valuation

Allgem does not charge valuations by a percentage of article. As an example, a 1-carat genuine diamond solitaire ring will be charged at a starting fee of $300 to value without original documents. Simple coloured stone jewellery with all tests from a minimum of $150. Multi set jewellery pieces are more time consuming, therefore more expensive to value. For exact quotes, the registered valuer would have to have a look at the items in person. Some items might be very old, worn and embedded with dirt. It this case the jewellery has to be cleaned in order for the jeweller to even determine the type of gemstone he is looking at.

Gem Identification Fee (No Valuation) starting $85 for single coloured/colourless stone. 

You can drop items in anytime 6 days a week (We recommend calling beforehand, to make sure the jeweller is working that day). 

Currently we take Valuations on for a 3-4 week duration. 

Easier types of Valuations can be done quicker.


Cost of Jewellery Valuation 

This depends on the time required to:

  1. Itemise the components of a jewellery piece
  2. Measure all the parameters including: 

            (a)    Total weight of metal(s) used in the jewellery piece

            (b)    Precious metal determination by acid sampling and electronic calculation

            (b)    Manufacturing method(s) used to create the Jewellery piece

            (c)    Determination of the time required to manufacture the Jewellery piece

           (d)    Weight of stone(s) by length, width, height, girdle thickness and specific gravity                       

            (e)    Establishing the type of stone(s) 

            (f)    Identifying the origin of stone(s) – Natural or Synthetic

            (g)    The Grade of stone(s) – Colour, Toning, clarity, Proportions, Polish

            (h)    Determination of the treatments of stone(s) if any

  1. The number of gemmological laboratory tests on each stone needed to ascertain the above items which include:

            (i)     Hand Lens Observations at 10X magnification

            (ii)    Microscopic examination – lightfield, darkfield, polarised and fibre optic illumination

            (iii)   Polariscope Examination 

            (iv)   Dichroscope Examination 

            (v)    Chelsea, Ruby and Jadeite Filter Examination

            (vi)   Spectroscope Examination 

            (vii)  Gem Spectrometer measurement

            (viii)  Refractometer Index manual measurement

            (ix)   Gem Spectrometer Index measurement

            (x)    Specific Gravity measurement where possible

            (xi)   Fluorescence assessment with SW and LW Ultraviolet light

            (xii)  Diamond Conductivity Probe


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