When it comes to gemstones, we all have personal preferences. Some people swear by the cool white of diamonds; others love the bold red of a ruby. We are often drawn to a specific type of gemstone, which might be to do with the stone’s meaning. Have you ever stopped to think about what your gemstone says about you?

Gemstones and their meanings

Gemstones, both precious and semi-precious, are hard not to love. But what drives a person to choose one stone over another? There’s more to a gemstone than you might think, as each gem is said to possess attributes that can reflect one’s qualities. Read on to learn more.

Amethyst: associated with spirituality, calm, and tranquillity, amethyst lovers are often peaceful souls who strive for balance.

Aquamarine: representing evenness and tranquillity, aquamarine is associated with calm and serenity. Aquamarine lovers are often loyal and easygoing.

Citrine: yellow is associated with feelings of happiness and joy. People who love citrine are said to have bubbly personalities.

Diamond: known for representing tradition and quality, this divine, precious gem is often the symbol of everlasting love. Diamonds are adored by romantics across the world.

Emerald: this beautiful green stone represents security, kindness, a big heart, and a willingness to share advice.

Fordite: this manmade gemstone is set to reflect a sporty and fast personality, best suited to those with drive and self-motivation.

Jasper: this lovely stone carries energy, or vibration of peace, calm, and tranquillity. It confers patience and understanding to those who connect with it.

Moonstone: this mysterious and intriguing gemstone reflects the moon’s beauty and is said to be loved by dreamy, indecisive wearers.

Onyx: a secretive stone known for storing old memories, Onyx is the perfect stone to clear bad Karma and help you heal from grief and sorrow.

Opal: the many colours of the opal are said to reflect warmth, charisma, and adaptability. They can change colours under different lights but always remain beautiful.

Pearl: associated with sensitivity, innocence and purity, these naturally formed stones commonly appear on wedding dresses and wedding jewellery.

Ruby: bold, confident, and not afraid of attention are all terms associated with this stunning gemstone.

Sapphire: these precious gemstones represent depth and wisdom, truth, and serenity.

Turquoise: this stone is often linked to nature. As one of the oldest gemstones known to man, turquoise is said to have protective qualities and ward off evil spirits.

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