Fancy a striking jewellery piece? Consider adding some coloured gemstone jewellery to your collection.

Throughout history, coloured gemstones have enthralled people for their beauty, rarity and opulence. A gemstone can be defined as a piece of mineral crystal which, when cut and polished, can be used to make a piece of jewellery or another adornment.There is an impossibly wide variety of coloured gemstones to choose from for jewellery pieces – and luckily for you, Allgem Jewellers are well equipped with a lot of them. Read on for more information about three of the most precious gemstones for jewellery: rubies, emeralds and sapphires.



Rubies are one of the world’s most precious gemstones. First mentioned in the Bible, the ruby is the July birthstone and is known for its rarity, lustre, hardness and high monetary value. In fact, the only gem that is harder than a ruby is a diamond.

Similar to other gemstones (such as emeralds), almost all rubies contain some type of imperfection or flaw. These inclusions are generally to be expected, but if or when these imperfections impact the stone’s brilliance or transparency, the value of the ruby may decrease.



Characterised for its pale to rich green hues, emeralds are the most valuable gemstones that come from the mineral. Emeralds are extremely durable due to their hardness, and also feature a number of intriguing inclusions and flaws that are used to assure the purchaser of a natural stone.

Emeralds also boast a special cut designed just for this gem, titled the ‘emerald-cut’. This cut features a rectangular or square shape that maximises the beauty and colour of the stone whilst also protecting it from exterior strain or internal stress.



Famed for its stunning royal blue hues, the sapphire is the most precious and valuable blue gemstone. Desirable due to its hardness, durability, lustre and excellent colour, the sapphire is the birthstone of September and is suitably used in all types of jewellery – notably in engagement rings.

Sapphires can occur at many points on the spectrum – from transparent to opaque. Though transparent variations exhibit the most attractive lustre, the gemstone can also be adopted to various shapes and cutting styles, making for an easily customisable gemstone to work and design with.

Coloured gemstones are extremely popular, and make for stunning jewellery pieces. One cannot deny the unique, exquisite nature of coloured gemstones – and as such, the beauty these stones can bring to a variety of jewellery pieces. Adorn yourself with pieces that nature naturally created. Your chosen stones may reveal your rank, class and capacity, so be sure to choose wisely with the quality Allgem Jewellers. Contact our professional master jewellers today to see how we can best assist you.