Whilst not all men wear jewellery everyday, the trend of male-specific jewellery is on the rise in a big way in Australia. The metallic tones of jewellery can greatly complement a man’s suit, and serves to add a metallic embellishment to any outfit worn.

Here are four essential jewellery pieces every man should own.


Dress Rings

Though not all men would have worn one in their lifetime, dress rings are emerging as a jewellery must-have for both sexes. Rings are a great entry point into the large range of male-specific jewellery on the market, and aren’t solely restricted to your wedding finger anymore.

Three of the most common dress ring styles for men are wedding bands, signet rings and ‘fashion’ rings. Wedding band designs for men tend to be clean, simple and inward-facing, signet rings are often sealed with a crest or symbol, and ‘fashion’ rings make way for more creative, eccentric choices.


Cuff Links

Cuff links are one of the most functional pieces of jewellery on the market, tasked with clasping the front of a dress shirt in place – normally where buttons would sit. Metallic cuff links usually display simple yet formal designs, and are made from precious metals. However, like other male jewellery pieces, cuff links come in a large range of shapes, sizes, colours and materials. Some examples of cuff link styles include whale back cuff links, stud cuff links, knot cuff links, or even fabric cuff links.


Tie Bars

A tie bar is a more traditional male accessory. Designed for use with a tie, a tie bar is intended to secure your tie to your shirt. However, tie bars don’t always need to have a functional use. In fact, many tie bars are now being used as fashion statements or additional accessories.

Types of tie bars include tie tacks (which function similar to a pin), side clasp tie bars, hinged tie clips, skinny tie clips and think tie clips. For formal outfits, a minimal tie clip has a subtle, yet professional effect. In contrast, wearing a fun, statement tie clip with a smart casual outfit can make a fantastic fashion statement.


Gents’ Pendants

Pendants for men, typically found on necklaces, offer a rugged, natural appearance when worn in a casual setting. Like many other types of male jewellery, necklaces are highly customisable and can come in a variety of styles, materials and sizes.

A pendant-style necklace, however, rests a single ornament on a long chain. Pendants on men are usually tucked beneath a shirt, but may also be worn on the outside of casual t-shirts.


Where To Buy Men’s Jewellery In Perth

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