Multitone – 2T3927



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Becks Multitone Ring – 2T3927

* 2T3927 can come in 4 different metal combinations, it can also just be made into Gold, Two Tone, Platinum, Palladium, Mixed Metal, Titanium and Sterling Silver.
Alloys 9ct, 10ct, 14ct, 18ct & 22ct

BA – White Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold
BB – Yellow Gold, White Gold, Yellow Gold
BC – Pink Gold, White Gold, Pink Gold
BE – White Gold, Pink Gold, White Gold

W : 6.5mm
T :  1.5mm (available 1.5mm-3.3mm)

Fine Grain Parallel Finish

* For pricing, please enquire within with the following details;
– Metal combination
– Thickness
– Finger size