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Due to the passing of Joseph Gryg, Opal Cutting and Polishing is no longer a service we can offer at Allgem Jewellers until further notice.

Allgem - More Than a Retail Outlet

Visit Allgem Jewellers in Perth and you’ll see we’re more than just a retail outlet for precious gems, opal jewellery or diamond engagement and wedding rings.

Allgem has an extensive workshop and manufacturing facility offering a wide range of jewellery services.

Jewellery Services

Let Allgem cater for all your specialist jewellery needs with services including:

  • Onsite Manufacturing. Allgem has a modern on-site workshop and master jewellers who produce beautiful items.
  • Custom Made Jewellery Individually handcrafted and unique designs can be created from photographs found online or on social media. We also offer an online page where you can customise jewellery online.
  • Jewellery Repairs. All jewellery repairs are carried out in a workshop located beneath the retail store, ensuring your valuables do not leave the premises.
  • Restorations. Allgem Jewellers can bring your jewellery back to life and re-create its original beauty.
  • Australian Opal Cutters. Australian opals are cut or repolished at the discretion of the cutter based on suitability of the material. An honest, realistic assessment of the precious gemstone(s) will be provided prior to any work and advice given as to whether there is any foreseeable gain in the cutting or polishing process.
  • Repolishing Australian Opals. Allgem can re-polish loose Australian opals and even re-polish set opals, dependant on the style of setting and the qualities of the stone.
  • Valuations. Allgem has the knowledge and experience to provide detailed and accurate valuations of diamond and gemstone jewellery, Australian opal jewellery, south sea and freshwater pearl jewellery, and gold jewellery at a respected cost. All valuations are carried out onsite and don’t leave the premises throughout the time needed for assessment completion. Our Valuer is up-to-date with all courses necessary to value jewellery and is a registered member of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers.
  • Pearl Threading. Allgem professionally threads all pearl and gemstone necklaces or bracelets depending on the nature of the stones, the bead holes and the condition of the piece and the clasp. Allgem can thread Australian, South Sea and Tahitian pearls on natural silk fibres, metal, silicone and a few synthetic fibres, in any standard length up to 80cm, and generally recommends knotting for safety. It is also recommended that Australian, South Sea and Tahitian pearls are re-strung every two years to avoid broken threads. Wear your pearls often, as the body’s natural oil keeps them lustrous.

Contact our professional master jewellers, gemmologists, registered valuers and diamond graders at Allgem today to see how we can assist you.